Mike's in the News
Mike is frequently quoted in local real estate articles, and has been the contributing or sole source of San Clemente real estate information for out-of- area publications. Additionally, Mike is often in the news with respect to his community and charitable activities. Meet Mike Cotter.

Here are some more recent examples of Mike in the news:

The Orange County Realtor magazine, August 2010 issue: Mike wins "Most Creative Listing" contest of the Orange County Association of Realtors! This contest was open to 10,000 Orange County agents/members with over 21,000 listings! See Mike's winning listing brochure, entitled "Roaring 20s," among Mike's other marketing brochures here.

Text of The Orange County Realtor magazine article: Congratulations to OCAR REALTOR member Mike Cotter for winning the OCAR Creative Listing Contest.

Members were asked to submit their most creative listings and Mike Cotter's listing at 418 Cazador Lane, San Clemente, better known as the "Gloria Swanson" house, was chosen as the winner.  Congratulations Mike!

New York Times May 18, 2007

"Havens | San Clemente, Calif: A Renaissance of Charm in a Hub of the Surfing World,"

The Times drew exclusively on Mike for all the real estate information in this article.

Mike provided:

- All professional real estate opinion
- All the historical and current real estate background information
- The "Who's Buying" analysis
- Both real estate buyers that were interviewed
- Both recently bought examples
- All "Three For Sale" examples


Here are some more recent examples of Mike in the news

San Clemente Times
July 6, 2006

"Real Estate in San Clemente - The Price is Still Right"

Mike is one of three featured veterans who discuss the current state of the San Clemente residential real estate market. Mike also provides many statistics for the article. He points out that, "San Clemente is chock-full of rich people with plenty of money to spend on housing, and that is not likely to change soon."

San Clemente Times
May 18, 2006:

SC Times Guest Opinion, "Developers Deserve More"

Mike opines that the City of San Clemente might be more candid with property owners with respect to what they can and can't do with properties officially listed on the City's Designated Historical Structures List. The California Environmental Quality Act prohibits demolition of historical structures if there are feasible alternatives to demolition.

Sun Post News
November 24, 2005:

For a special Thanksgiving Day real estate section, Mike provides three San Clemente properties sold in October, and full data for all 75 closed properties. Additionally, Mike authors an accompanying opinion column entitled, "Why local universities have been wrong" (for the last four years about forecasting the direction of housing prices).

Sun Post News
July 29, 2005:

Mike is interviewed for an article exploring whether or not San Clemente real estate prices are in a bubble about to burst. Mike points out that 80% of buyers purchase homes because they have to, and that San Clemente home prices are below comparable coastal towns. In addition to Mike's being interviewed for this real estate article, his client is the featured local recent buyer, Mike provides 3 San Clemente sold properties examples, as well as details of 80 San Clemente properties sold in July, and he authors the accompanying opinion column.

Sun Post News - March 18, 2005: As President of the San Clemente Historical Society, Mike is featured speaking before a San Clemente City Council hearing as an advocate for a proposed Historic Landmarks Preservation Ordinance. Mike explains, "San Clemente isn't just a beach town with a few historic landmarks. San Clemente is actually a beach town practically defined by its historic landmarks." The City Council votes to form a Landmarks Preservation Task Force comprised of City Council members, Planning Commissioners, representatives from the Beaches, Parks and Recreation Department, four at-large citizens, and Mike, representing the San Clemente Historical Society.

Sun Post News
January 28, 2005:

Mike and his client -- who is about to open a new bank in town -- are featured in an article exploring how difficult it is to "plant roots" in a rising real estate market. Mike points out the differences between inland and coastal home prices. Mike (along with his client) is not only interviewed for this real estate article, Mike also provides 3 San Clemente sold properties examples, as well as details of all San Clemente properties sold in December, and he authors the accompanying opinion column, with the headline, "Buyers are waiting no longer."


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